28 May 2019

Door built in 1622-1623 in the middle of the Spanish period

The Notre-Dame door has a decorative adornment. Indeed, protected by advanced works, it loses its defensive function and is adorned with a decor of baroque inspiration of the richest. Evidenced by its remarkable device in diamond point.

Raised on two levels covered with a four-sided roof, it once dominated the moat of the rampart. Superimposed columns have their base carved, those of the floor by heads forming masks. Above the entrance arch, a niche houses the statue of the Virgin which was destroyed in 1793 and replaced in 1852. In the tympanum of the central pediment, a sun, surmounted by warrior attributes was added later to glorify the Sun King at the meeting of Cambrai to France.

In front of the drawbridge was a dead bridge giving access to the road to Valenciennes.

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